How To Find The Online Dating Site That’s Right For You

Once considered the exclusive territory of adulterous men, computer nerds and psychos using false identities, internet dating has now lost it’s stigma. In Europe and the USA, It’s now the most popular method of finding a partner, with 65% of singletons between the ages of 25 and 50 turning to the net.

Gone are the sleazy chat-rooms, pseudonyms and fake photos, now online daters
upload entire photo albums, write lengthy descriptions of themselves and detail
their exact preferences – and are happy to admit that this is how they found their

But this new found confidence in the medium has generated a plethora of new
dating sites; so how do you decide which is the right one for you and how do you
get the best out of your chosen site? Follow these few simple steps and I guarantee
that you wont go wrong:-

1. Be honest with yourself about what you’re looking for. Do you just want to chat
with other cyber folk or do you genuinely want to meet a new partner? If you just
want a whole bunch of new pen-pals, there are many sites that aren’t particularly
bothered about location so if, for example, you’re in Manchester, England, you can
make new friends in Idaho or Madrid. But if you actually plan to meet anyone you
make contact with, then choose a service that’s specific to either the country in
which you live, or better still, the city or area.

2. Are you seeking a very specific type of partner? There are a great many niche
sites out there so if you want to meet, say, other single parents or other motorbike
enthusiasts, just type in ‘single parent dating’ or ‘biker dating’ into your preferred
search engine and you’ll probably find that you’ll be presented with a choice of
suitable dating services.

3. Are you willing to pay to join a dating site? Cyberspace is no different to the ‘real’
world in this respect – you get what you pay for! If the operators of a particular site
aren’t confident enough in their offering to actually charge a membership fee, you
have to ask yourself why. The average monthly subscription to a high calibre dating
site is usually no more expensive than a round of drinks so surely it’s worth it if it
means you might actually meet your perfect partner by signing up.

4. OK, you’ve found the dating service that you believe is just right for you. What
now? Well, to get the best results from your chosen site, it’s up to you to get the
most out of your membership by posting a bright, upbeat, confident profile and
uploading a photo to accompany it. 95% of dating site users will only respond to
people who have bothered to provide a photo of themselves; after all, you want to
see what other members look like so it stands to reason that others will feel exactly
the same way about you. And don’t be modest – if you think you’re pretty darn
attractive, then now is exactly the right time to shout it from the roof tops!

And finally…and this is the most obvious piece of advice as well as being the most
important…once you’ve signed up to an online dating site, don’t wait for others to
get in contact, search through the list of members who fall within your chosen
criteria and when you like the look and sound of someone, send them a message
and introduce yourself. Chances are, if you’ve identified someone with whom you
might have things in common and to whom you are attracted, then you can jdbyg your
bottom dollar that they’ll more than likely be delighted to hear from you.